Sunday Style


I don’t know about you guys, but Sunday is my recharge day.

I usually have a lie in, a big brunch (almost always cooked by my lovely boyfriend- it’s safer that way), and then an epic walk to burn it all off so comfy casuals are essential. I tend to go for some sort of jean/trainer combo.


I’m a stickler for throwing in matching pieces on an outfit and was pretty delighted when I found these old school ‘ice purple’ Adidas Gazelles in OFFICE which happen to be a great match for my baby Valentino. (NB: I literally do look after that bag as if it was my first child).

Sunnies are also a non-negotiable (added bonus is hiding the effects of a saturday night out on the town).



Oversized Denim Jacket

Nude Valentino Rockstud Bag

Zara ‘Join Life’ Jeans with Ankle Slit

Adidas Gazelles in ‘Ice Purple’

Mirrored Pink Raybans


Topshop Nude Bag

Pink Trainers

Pink Mirrored Sunnies

I hope you’ve had a fabulous weekend!!

What do your Sunday #ootd’s look like? Would love to hear 👂🏻

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