Polished Pins

They sometimes say ‘Shine Bright’, and I took the phrase quite literally with these trousers!!!

I first spied this look early last year on a babe in a trendy Chelsea coffee shop, you know the kind….. where the baristas are too cool for school and you generally feel like you don’t belong. 😂

Anyway, since that day I became obsessed with finding some unbelievably shiny trousers to wear all over town. Topshop did a set last year, but they were a wider leg and ended up looking a smidge ‘bin bag esque’ on me. So, when I saw this set on blogger @evglamazon I went straight online and snapped them up.

Over the years these leather look jeans and leggings have been popping up in various high street shops and slowly became a cool alternative to a basic black jean, but, the more I got used to wearing them, the glossier I wanted my trousers to be! 🙂

The latex-like shine on this RIVER ISLAND pair above won’t be everyones vibe, but I LOVE how they can make a super casual outfit interesting or dressy and really spice up your trouser collection. These polished vinyl leggings are surprisingly cosy too, as they’re lined, making them perfect for these nippy nights we’re starting to experience. Side Note: Perhaps don’t wear them too close to the bonfire this year!! 🔥🔥👻👻

I would recommend wearing them with a big cosy knit, or an untextured t-shirt in a relaxed baggy fit. They would work well with a long coat or mac to dial down some of the shine when you’re walking down the street. I would avoid biker jackets with the super high shine varieties as it might be overkill.

For those of you who aren’t quite ready to brave something this shiny, I’ve linked some similar options below which aren’t as ‘in your face’. The legging varieties are actually genuinely comfy (more so than the jeans), so if you want something easy to throw on and a bit different I highly recommend!!

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Until the next time guys,

Hannah xox


River Island – Vinyl Leggings

Zara – Leather look Jeans

Dorothy Perkins – Leather look jeans

Calzedonia – leather look leggings

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