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Okay, this is a blog about not having to bankrupt yourself in the name of style and making high street pieces look special, so, why would I post stuff about designer shoes/bags??

This is where I’m gonna sound like a big fat hypocrite and tell you that I think a well made luxury staple can set an outfit apart from the rest. That is why I occasionally (after much consideration and guilty thoughts) allow myself to splurge on extravagant pieces.

Now, they don’t have to be fancy schmancy Chanel or Gucci all the time. To me it’s about something that has been made from good quality material and assembled well. You can usually judge this by looking carefully at the stitching and the hardware (zips/fastenings) etc. I think it’s important to treat yourself (within budget) to timeless pieces that form part of your capsule wardrobe.

I nearly set my credit card on fire recently when I splurged on the Chloe mini drew (above). But believe me I mulled and mulled it over first. When choosing a new bag I always consider whether I will get extensive wear out of it. I view expensive pieces in terms of their value based on price per wear. In other words: how often will I wear it? A £30 bag worn once is an expensive mistake compared to a £250 bag worn 30 million times. I genuinely have a black Gucci tote from 2006 that is falling apart at the seams because i’ve worn it to death. For many years it was the only designer piece I owned and it was incredibly well used. I wore it to work EVERY SINGLE DAY. You will see me repeating designer pieces over and over on my #OOTD posts.
Cue some more bag/shoe pics……

With the pricier purchases I try to choose colours which crop up a lot in my wardrobe, so I can add them into my #OOTDs on a regular basis. I tend to go for black, beige, tan or grey for this reason, but every individual wardrobe is different. I avoid multicolours and loud prints (although I did succumb to the Burberry check circa 2002 like a lot of other innocent folks).


I’m also particularly fussy on the style. I know the lust-have pieces are generally the new eye-catching bags/shoes off the catwalk in interesting shapes complete with embellishments, but the truth is that these are likely to date quicker and unfortunately I can’t afford the pricey updates (believe me, if I could I would have them all). For this reason I opt for classic items for my expensive bags and shoes in regular shapes which are less likely to go quickly out of style.

My most extravagent handbag purchases are of a particular size which allows them to be worn day or night and therefore I can get way more enjoyment out of them!!

The above Prada bag (which I also wear to death) was purchased from Bicester Village which is a discount shopping outlet. Quite often you can find classic pieces at heavily discounted prices there(sometimes more than 50% off), so if you fancy a big splurge it’s often worth a visit. Woodbury Common in New York is also another great place to get a discounted item.

It’s worth keeping your eyes peeled during Sale times. I bagged the black Valentino Rockstuds in a half price sale in 2013 and i’m so pleased I did because these puppies have served me well for several years 🙂

For more reasonably priced well made accessories I really rate TOPSHOP – especially in their LONDON flagship store. They have a lot of well made accessories in their concessions dept – my fave is ETUI BAGS. They have gorgeous clutches in every colour under the sun! Also TK MAXX do some really nice past-season designer bags. Always worth a look!!

If you have a special event that you’re attending you can actually consider renting a designer bag too. FASHION HIRE has an impressive collection and BAG BORROW OR STEAL has worldwide options!!

Finally, as I lived in Chelsea for a couple of years (promise not a humble brag, my place was literally the size of a shoebox) their Charity Shops often contain unworn designer goodies at mega discount prices!! Its always worth heading to the London hotspots (CARNABY/NOTTING HILL/SHOREDITCH) and taking a look in Oxfam etc. You might find a mega bargain, and its all for a good cause!! WIN WIN 🙂

Do you have designer faves that are season regulars in your #OOTDs??

Comment below 🙂

Happy Weekend Guys,

Hannah xox


Chloe – Mini Drew Bag

Black Valentino Rockstuds

Nude Valentino Rockstuds

Valentino Rockstud Bag

Reiss Tote

Karen Millen- Nude Bag

Topshop Studded Boots

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