How to: Mix and Match Colours

When I was in high school, there was a girl in the town where I lived. People called her ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ because she was always wearing brightly coloured clothes.

Now I never spoke to her personally, but I always imagined that she was cheerful and bubbly and always fun at a party. That’s what colourful outfits do – they have the power to make people smile and add some cheer to your wardrobe.

Looking through my Instagram feed you’ll probably see I’m a big fan of adding bright, bold, colourful pieces into my looks. So many people steer clear of adding colour to their outfits because they are afraid to mix them incorrectly or look mis-matched.

Here I’m going to show you some examples of how I use colour in my wardrobe, and which colours work well together.


Okay, so it may be the colour scheme adopted by the LA Lakers, but it looks so pretty. The reason for this is really simple, and once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be drawn to bright colours like a moth to a flame!

Colours that are total opposites on the colour wheel are known as complimentary colours. These colours work together like a dream, even though the combination isn’t totally obvious to start with. Check out the colour wheel below and you’ll see what I mean. Yellow sits opposite from Purple.

In this outfit, the yellow and the purple are such big, bold colours that I didn’t want to distract from them. That’s why I stuck with black for the rest of the look.

The purples really highlight the yellow pigments. Even one of my fave brunch spots in London utilised this gorgeous colour combo – check out Alma Cafe if you ever find yourself in Barnes, the lobster benedict is delish.

img_3358 I kept things simple on the accessories front and just added some plain black sunnies. At the bottom of the post I will be linking some similar colourful pieces.



Again these colours rest opposite each other on the colour wheel making them complimentary to a T.

Here I added tan boots into the mix, which also work well with blue and turquoise colours. Because the blues in this outfit are soft denim tones, you can get away with being a bit bolder overall, and the tan boots also happen to be ridiculously comfy.

I sealed the look with a matching orange bag and some double denim. Navy also pairs well with orange for a chic look.


You might think this look is for the advanced level colour clasher, but it really doesn’t have to be!

Sitting next to each other on the colour wheel, the red and pink blend so well together. The technical term for this is an “analogous” colour match, but whatever it’s called, I just think red and pink are mega pleasing to the eye.

They are found together on many prints and I love how feminine this colour combination is. The shade of red is critical to pulling this whole look together – if it’s too orangey it won’t work. Stick with a scarlet red and you’ll be just fine!

I kept the base colour as black again and added a red beret/lip to anchor the look.


Don’t overdo it
I would suggest keeping to 3 (occasionally 4) as a maximum amount of colours in one look. The outfit needs to look interesting but well constructed, and too many different colours will make it look disorganised.

Black for the base
If you are trying a bold colour for the first time, then stick to black as a base to keep things simple. It goes with every combination and it is likely you already have lots of black pieces in your wardrobe. You can always change it up as you get more confident with matching your colours.

Accessorise (subtly)
Try not to go overboard with the accessories. Sunnies and jewellery should be classic pieces, simple and understated. The last thing you want to do is detract from your colour pops.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades. Certain colours suit your skin tone better so definitely try on the whole rainbow before you make your selection 🌈. And finally, don’t worry if a colour doesn’t quite work for you. I know a lot of girls who look fabulous in royal blue (shout out to Kate Middleton) but it does absolutely nothing for me.

Yellow is definitely my go-to colour though, it makes me feel like sunshine on a cloudy day. And until summer comes round once more, I guess that’ll have to do!

Love to you all, have a great week.

Hannah xoxox








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