SoCal and Vegas


When my instaboyfriend first told me that Wales were playing Mexico in a football (soccer) match I smiled and kept reading my In Style mag. When he added the vital point that said match was going to be played in California I leaned in a little closer 😉

Having been to California a number of times over the past few years its fair to say I’m a big/the biggest fan.

The beaches, the hiking, the sun, the huge open spaces… I could bore you guys to tears with the things I adore about that sweet old Golden State.

I’m going to make a list of my all time favourite California road trip stop offs very soon, but for now I’m gonna fill you in on my recent trip to SoCal and Vegas.


We started off in Pasadena, a small City east of LA. I say the word City loosely as it seems there is no distinction between towns and cities in America in terms of size… its more like ‘oh hey Conyersville, AZ do you fancy being one’?



Now Pasadena is a fairly standard Cali city but a gorgeous one at that!! It’s well equipped with bars, restaurants and happens to house the Rose Bowl, a huge stadium with just over 90,000 capacity. To my delight, it is also near the home time of LA insta goddess @jen.griswold so I grabbed the opportunity to have Margs with her before the game.



After watching the match (actually spending most of my time speaking to a lovely girl who was there with her BF and pretending to watch just like me), we decided to get a good nights rest and head to Temecula.


Between LA and San Diego there lies another ‘city’ called Temecula. It also happens to be a Wine Region that just celebrated its 50th anniversary.



I think you’re just gonna have to trust me on this one when I say you have to check this place out. It relatively new in the wine trade, but it is a wonderful relaxed chilled spot to soak up some sun and vino.



The wine buffs among us will probably quickly point out that the wine and expertise are more refined in Napa, but I would argue that for the average travelling chick the atmosphere and scenery rule the roost in Temecula. We felt relaxed and rested after a few days at the Ponte Vineyard Inn, which was a good job, as we were about to round off our trip in Sin City!!.




Just over 4 hours from LA by car, Vegas is always a tempting addition to a California Road Trip and seeing as me and Mr Styledit hadn’t been there together before, we decided to give Sin City a whirl.



Having visited Vegas a few times (and stayed in a few of the hotels), I can honestly say I didn’t hesitate at booking us into THE PALAZZO. Even the standard rooms are HUGE for a start, the pools are amazing and relaxed and it is perfectly located on the strip.

I love the super chilled vibe that the hotel offers, it sometimes feels like a safe haven away from all the Vegas craziness. For this reason I absolutely would recommend this hotel to all the couples out there and anyone who doesn’t wanna go nuts 24/7.


We snagged a room with a strip view and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Mr S surely caught me staring out the window with love heart eyes on a number of occasions. If you caught my stories on Instagram I did a cheeky hotel room tour.

We were also treated to some extraordinary songs in BAZ THE MUSICAL an epically impressive mish-mash of Moulin Rouge, The Great Gatsby and Romeo & Juliet. They weren’t lying when they said the shows in Vegas are some of the best in the world. We were thoroughly entertained from start to finish; the performance spilled over the stage and into the crowd, bringing the audience so close to the action. The staging and costumes were stunning, and the performances really took you on a rollercoaster of emotions. I highly recommend you go and see it!!!!!!



The Palazzo itself is linked to the Venetian (arguably the prettiest hotel in Vegas). We were so spoiled for restaurant choices we didn’t actually have to leave our hotel for dinner!!



Our favourite was Sushi Samba. The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD. Bryce (the manager) was incredible and recommended a selection of Scallops which are still making me drool as I think of them.



After our dinners we had to check out the Vegas party scene, so we made visits to two of the hottest spots in town – Tao nightclub situated in the Venetian and XS in the Wynn Encore. They didn’t disappoint! Vegas is full of beautiful people just out for a good time and we loved rubbing shoulders with the party people in both locations. If I had to recommend just one though, with its international DJs and poolside setting, XS is hard to beat.



All in all we had an absolute Blast!!! I would say if you’re a couple looking for a Vegas trip definitely book the Palazzo!! You won’t regret it.

Now I’m off to save for my next trip!!!!!!

Have a great week guys,



NB: We were upgraded and treated very kindly by the Palazzo staff but all the opinions in this blog are my own.


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