London’s Prettiest Coffee Shops

It is an understatement to say I like coffee – in fact, I can’t spend a day apart from it. I’d go as far to say we are pretty much in a committed relationship. I also love pretty picturesque places; hence the reason why on my days off I enjoy mooching around London looking for the snazziest places to have a cuppa joe.

img_6608Now, I was going to title this blog ‘Londons most instagrammable coffee shops’ or something equally obnoxious but then I had a word with myself and realised that people actually go to these places not just for the photo ops, but to actually re-fuel and have fun.

So here goes…


Probably one of the most famous London coffee shops (expect to queue for a table), but boy does Peggy deliver. This pretty pink cafe in Pimlico certainly packs a punch.

img_6742.jpgThe outdoor display changes with the seasons, and so do the dreamy cake selections. Now I can wholeheartedly recommend the chocolate raspberry cupcake and the banoffee one. I have actually visited this joint twice truth be told and the cupcakes have been top notch both times (the hype is real).

The tea is just as nice as the coffee (and slightly better value since you get at least two cups out of a teapot). I had a Berry Tea the most recent time which was delish and complimented the choco/raspberry cake combo like a dream.

THE VIBE: Think swarms of instagrammers who won’t judge you if you arrange the table nicely for a flat lay pic (the waitresses are mega nice and obliging too).

TOP TIP: Head there around 2-3pm when the queue tends to be slightly shorter (like my legs).



When it comes to pretty cafes, Saint Aymes is right up there with the best of them. Their beautiful Wysteria-decorated front (yes it’s fake but so so pretty) is a feast for the eyes.

They are a lovely, friendly bunch in there too, which is always welcome when you’re indulging yourself with an extravagant coffee and sweet treats. They have the cutest unicorn biscuits and some mighty fine tasting macarons. The nice man (soz don’t know his name) will also help you carry your coffees if you decide to switch table a few times like me and @pepperpaperstyle. N.B this was probably after he witnessed me nearly pour coffee all over myself whilst tottering around in my heels.

THE VIBE: Instagrammers who’ve brought their Mum out for a tasty treat and staff who will go out of their way to make you feel at home.

TOP TIP: Have a peek downstairs where you’ll find more flower walls and an Instagrammable couch to pose on (if you’re that way inclined).



Okay, so it might be worth mentioning there are a couple Elan Cafes in London. The one I went to was the petite version. Think of it as the younger sibling of the two.


However don’t let that put you off, because the food was really yummy and the plates are super pretty.

They also have a vast selection of savoury treats to choose from. We ordered their very easy-on-the-eyes eggs benny and we were not disappointed with the flavours.

THE VIBE: Young privileged individuals wearing Chanel and Face-Timing their family abroad.

TOP TIP: With a larger selection of food, this place makes a great lunch spot too!


One of the newer kids on the block, Feya does dreamy pastel plates like no other.


Their Acai Bowl is probably the prettiest concoction in London. They corner the market on pastel interiors and it is true what they say, they will make your Instagram ‘weep with joy.’ Being 100 percent honest I wasn’t a huge fan of their macarons, but for pastel posing this place is a 10.


Their beetroot latte is actually surprisingly drinkable too!! It had a lovely sweet taste and looked dreamy perched next to my Vogue magazine on the table.

img_2848.jpgTHE VIBE: Groups of girls having intense conversations about life whilst taking pretty pictures of their pastel surroundings.

TOP TIP: Order a flavoured latte they’re actually better than their regular coffee!



Situated in Westbourne Grove, this Vegan/Vegetarian cafe offers healthy food which happens to taste delicious. Their plant based dishes feel like they’re doing you good, and the interior is relaxing and calming to wind down in.

Check out their oat milk cappuccino for a lovely way to kickstart your day and their Acai bowls go down a treat too (just be sure to check your face for berry juice leftovers after – I looked like a vampire).

THE VIBE:  Individuals ‘working from home’ and minding their own business on their laptops whilst re-fueling the healthy way.

TOP TIP: Head here for an early morning coffee/breakfast before the lunchtime cool kid rush arrives (it is in Notting Hill after all).



This famous monochrome biscuit cafe certainly does look cute from the outside. With their colourful selection of macarons and beautiful biscuits you could be forgiven for traveling across London for a cheeky cuppa here.

They also have cupcakes, chocolate and other types of sweet treats to tickle your tastebuds.

THE VIBE: Quiet and cakey. Not a massive atmosphere so make sure to bring the mood yourself.

TOP TIP: Get here early and avoid weekends. When I visited they were fresh out of pretty much every macaron flavour (despite the yummy display) and I had a little sulk on the way home, so maybe call ahead if you’re coming from far.



If you’re after a Rose Latte in London then there’s only one place to go in my opinion. With these stunning pink concoctions being soothingly tasty on the tongue, I highly recommend Aida Shoreditch for one.

With the cafe incorporated into their shop (selling some fabulous pieces), you could go home with more than you bargained for. I had a serious word with myself in the shoe section.


THE VIBE: The crowd is too cool for school (I had a personality crisis in there and questioned if I was edgy enough whilst sipping my pink drink).

TOP TIP: Head there on a week day if you want to go at a quiet time and sample the rosy goodness with minimal judgement.


And finally. I couldn’t very well sum up my favourite coffee spots in London without telling you my actual favourite for, you know, like, actual coffee.


With branches dotted around central London, these guys have the tastiest coffee I’ve experienced.

The flavours are sublime and they will inject caffeine directly into your blood stream (not literally – I hate needles) like no other coffee I’ve had. I favour their oat milk cappuccinos – hands down best in the city. If I’m feeling rebellious I sit a pastel de nata (Portuguese tart) right next to my coffee and just watch the world go by.

THE VIBE: Normal humans who like good strong artisan coffee.

TOP TIP: Visit the Somerset House location after checking out the artwork inside. You can sit by the fountains in the summer and dream about life.

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