Christmas at Peggy’s

img_2826I don’t know about you, but I think catching up with people at this time of year can be so tricky. There’s parties, birthdays and Christmas drinks are starting to creep in already. Thats why I’ve started scheduling in Christmas coffee mornings at my favourite coffee joints.

Couple that with an invite from Peggy’s to pop by and sample their Christmas Menu, and I was on the tube to Victoria quicker than you could say ‘slow down cupcake’.

The beautiful festive shop front is a good enough excuse to go regardless of the food, but add in a little sprinkle of the best cupcakes you’ll ever taste and you will not regret a visit to Peggy’s Palace.

The festive menu is simply delicious and beautiful, it is sure to put a smile on even the Grinchiest Grinch. They also have mulled wine, yes you read that correctly, MULLED WINE on the menu.

Upon closer inspection inside, I clapped eyes on the festive cakes and I knew I wanted to get my paws on a snowman-topped treat. I went for the ginger and lemon cupcake which was so delicious. The ginger was beautifully balanced and not in any way overbearing and the lemon gave it a nice citrus kick. Plus, check out his cute little hat and scarf!

I washed my cupcake down with an expertly textured oat milk cappuccino – I’m always so relieved when cafes have an extensive range of milk offerings as I don’t drink cow’s milk. Peggy’s offer oat, soya, coconut and almond milk,  so it’s a perfect meeting spot for any lactose intolerant lads and ladies.

img_2702My parter in cake-eating crime @pepperpaperstyle opted for the raspberry, lemon and rose layer cake which was light, fluffy and refreshing (I stole some). The icing has a beautiful zing to it and the perfect pink is so pleasing to the eye. There is the same old problem at Peggy’s every time though, where the cake is almost too pretty to eat, but you’ll be happy to hear that I tackled that hurdle head on and stuffed my face.

img_2705If you haven’t visited this beautiful coffee spot in Victoria I urge you to add it to your London list. The staff are lovely and friendly, the cake is divine and the setting is stunningly pretty!!!

TOP TIP: Visit in the mornings for the best tables!



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N.B This is a personal blog written by me containing some affiliate links, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 

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