My Winter Boot Edit

img_0288If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know about my ridiculous shoe obsession. I remember as a 5 year old hobbling around in my Nannas white peep toe stilettos and loving life (btw if you have daughters and don’t want them to go bankrupt – take note and lock the wardrobe doors when they’re little).

But lets talk about the real reason we’re here, BOOTS. As a self proclaimed shoe aficionado I want to highlight some of my recent boot finds and show you what I’ve been drooling over this month.

This year the boot situation has reached new levels as the shoe gods seem to continually release new fabrics, styles and lengths for us to covet. My shoe closet is more like a room in itself (also known as the spare room ;)). Soon I’m going to have to use the kitchen cupboards for shoe storage!!

The days of just choosing between patent or suede leather are long gone. Now there’s sequins, tartan, heavy hardware and all manner of fur. You name it, they’ve probably made it in the shape of a boot. And I couldn’t be happier!! Here are some of my absolute faves (most are afforadable, some a girl can dream can’t she??)…


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Tartan, houndstooth and other check prints are HUGE right now. Traditional and yet somehow bold at the same time, the combination of colours in a check design are the perfect choice to make your outfit pop!

But if you don’t want to don a set of check trousers a la Rupert the Bear, then switching up your boots could be the perfect way to introduce this print into your wardrobe. With just a glimpse of check on your toes, you can make your outfit just a little more daring without going OTT. I ordered the cream and yellow styles below from ASOS and I am currently in a slight dilemma deciding which pair to keep (you can help by voting on my stories).



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Perfect for this time of year, but why limit yourself to just a season with shoes that make you smile so much. They are a perfect style to light up a dance floor at the Christmas party without crippling yourself and needing a med evac at the end of the night.

I’m personally preferring the soft leather silver leather varieties (I’ve heard some of the high shine options can be slightly less toe-friendly).


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Good old animal mania… are you bored of it? Nah, me either. And it’s probably a good job as it seems to be here to stay for a little while longer. Snake, zebra, leopard; we’ve practically had the whole zoo in our closets. If you’re feeling less risqué, I’d recommend to stick with the leopard – it’s been around longer and the neutral tones make it an easy one to match with traditional base colours (see recent lilac post for inspo).



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It all started with Chloe. Well, at least thats where my personal obsession began with extensive hardware-emblazoned boots. Buckles, chunky metal and a sexy masculine quality made me fall onboard with this trend.

Ultra easy to pair with skinny ripped jeans and a biker jacket, these boots are the most functional for, you know, actually walking. I guess that’s important too after all.



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Sometimes the classic, well made styles are just what the foot Doctor ordered. I’m sure you’re aware by now that I am a huge fan of a heel. I feel more confident and more ‘me’ if I’ve gone up a few inches in the world. These beauties are styles which do just that, they enhance your mood and can be worn from the office straight to cocktail hour.


Which are your faves?

Have a good week guys!


N.B This is a personal blog written by me containing affiliate links, all opinions and thoughts are always my own. 

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