AW18 Trends that can’t be missed

Okay, its officially that time again. The leaves are starting to lose their colour, the windows are closed at night, and the pumpkin spiced lattes are back on the menu at Starbucks. It’s only bloody Autumn isn’t it?

img_4934.jpgASOS Paris T-Shirt 

So, how do we get ourselves excited about these colder times?? We jazz up our wardrobes with this seasons hottest items and drink cocktails in town silly!!

Now I know fashion works lightyears ahead, and these trends were cooked up by some clever folk behind closed doors whilst I was eating Coco Pops in my dressing gown last year. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t have a slice of the 90’s/Sex & The City-esque action present in the stores right now – and boy are there some goodies to be had.

In this blog post I’ve rounded up 5 of my favourite Autumn/Winter 2018 trends and picked out some irresistible key pieces, which will make you smile when you’re on your way to date night dressed like a total babe. Continue reading “AW18 Trends that can’t be missed”

London’s Prettiest Coffee Shops

It is an understatement to say I like coffee – in fact, I can’t spend a day apart from it. I’d go as far to say we are pretty much in a committed relationship. I also love pretty picturesque places; hence the reason why on my days off I enjoy mooching around London looking for the snazziest places to have a cuppa joe.

img_6608Now, I was going to title this blog ‘Londons most instagrammable coffee shops’ or something equally obnoxious but then I had a word with myself and realised that people actually go to these places not just for the photo ops, but to actually re-fuel and have fun.

So here goes… Continue reading “London’s Prettiest Coffee Shops”

Cute as a Button


So, unless you’ve spent your spring/summer hiding under a rock (which you could be forgiven for, with these current inferno temperatures) you will have noticed that big buttons are all the rage at the moment.

It started with a couple of brilliant designers using buttons as statements rather than mere functioning fastenings. Since then, the big button trend has spread like wildfire and these circular accents have been popping up left, right and centre (literally).

That’s why I’m a little bit obsessed with RIVER ISLAND’S new collection. Take this beautiful bardot dress  as a prime example. Continue reading “Cute as a Button”

Go bold or go home

Living in a vibrant city like London, I’m not afraid of a bold summer print or two. Palms, Polkas, Stripes, you name it… they really spice up a cute summer outfit and add some extra colours into some otherwise plain looks. And I have to say, I’m loving some of the pieces in the high street at the moment. WAREHOUSE* in particular has been nailing the print sitch, especially with their culotte jumpsuit range. The prints are so fabulous and very much necessary for some serious summer vibes.

In this post I’m gonna talk you through some of my must have summer prints.


img_6049 Continue reading “Go bold or go home”

SoCal and Vegas


When my instaboyfriend first told me that Wales were playing Mexico in a football (soccer) match I smiled and kept reading my In Style mag. When he added the vital point that said match was going to be played in California I leaned in a little closer 😉

Having been to California a number of times over the past few years its fair to say I’m a big/the biggest fan.

The beaches, the hiking, the sun, the huge open spaces… I could bore you guys to tears with the things I adore about that sweet old Golden State.

I’m going to make a list of my all time favourite California road trip stop offs very soon, but for now I’m gonna fill you in on my recent trip to SoCal and Vegas. Continue reading “SoCal and Vegas”

Jumpsuit Jam

img_2922Okay, let’s talk jumpsuits. These fancy all-in-ones have long been an essential in my wardrobe. They easily make an ensemble chic and polished, but also happen to be the perfect Spring to Summer wardrobe item.

Large variations in the temperature from day to night at this time of year can make dresses a chilly option. I want to embrace the sunshine but no one looks good shivering their way to the tube in the morning covered in goosebumps.

img_3001This is where the jumpsuit really comes up trumps – cover up your legs, add a jacket if necessary and you are left with a much more wearable alternative.

As you are dressed the same on the top and bottom it makes styling these an absolute dream. They also happen to be mega comfy (sort of like fancy pyjamas). 🙂
You can add heels to create an even smarter after work option too.

@olgakimphotography-8-1Photo @olgakimphotography

If you follow me on instagram you’ll already know im a massive fan of stripes. I seem to be attracted to them like Harry to Meghan. The vertical variety really elongates my petite frame and adds the illusion of extra height.

Below I have linked some of my favourite jumpsuit options in the shops right now including a similar version of this navy beauty.


Word to the wise, skanky loos are best avoided in these types of outfits, you’ll understand  why when you wear one…

I hope everyone has a fab weekend.




Exact White Striped Jumpsuit

Exact Orange Striped Jumpsuit

Similar Navy Jumpsuit

Halterneck Jumpsuit

Yellow Jumpsuit

Hi-Lo Hems

img_1755Pics @olgakimphotography

There are some places in London which you just know will send your Amex into a meltdown – I find a trip to Topshop’s flagship store on Oxford Street is always a dangerous affair. Recently I had planned to pop in there for a little ‘insta stories browse’ (my credit card was already angry at me for a Zara purchase that day) but JOVONNA LONDON had other ideas.

As soon as I clapped eyes on this unusual Shirt complete with a staggered hem/train thing I was basically drooling all the way to the till. Granted, Jovonna London clothes are not the cheapest concession in the store, but I love their quality and design.

Now, I don’t know exactly what it is, but there is something very special about a hemline which breaks convention in this way.  Perhaps the flash of leg whilst remaining demure for anyone that may be following you down the road. It may be the way it swishes in the wind too, subtly revealing more leg as you go.

img_1760img_1759img_1769I wanted to wait for some warmer climes and wear it with some sandals (which I’ve been patiently waiting to strut around in since their purchase in Saks off 5th in December!).

As soon as that opportunity arose I was out there like a greyhound out of a trap. This look is just perfect for some serious alfresco dining and I wasn’t about to miss out.

img_1772I paired the blue tones with a tan CHLOE bag and added a cream/tan belt to gather things in at the waist. As the shirt flares out I wanted to add the belt to maintain a natural feminine silhouette. This particular one is RALPH LAUREN but I’ve linked a very similar version below.

The rope belt fitted well with the outfit theme (nautical stripes) and allowed me to wear my nude AQUAZZURA heels. Obviously not appropriate boat attire, unless you’re on a Cruise – by the way, if my Insta Boyfriend is reading this… yes please!!! 🙂

To maintain the full leggy effect from the front I opted for some old ZARA skorts. I think it would look beaut with some denim shorts and flat gladiator sandals for a more relaxed look too *runs to Zara to buy some*.

I kept my make-up and RAY-BAN sunnies neutral so that the shirt/dress remained the star of the show. img_1784As always I’ve linked exact items that are still available and similar versions for the ones that aren’t.

I hope everyone has some fun bank holiday plans!!!









Layered Florals

Last week we were treated to some truly tropical temperatures in London. It was glorious!!!! People were so smiley and friendly: the daily tube commute became a delight because everyone was in such high spirits. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen London in these conditions, but we come alive when the sun has got his hat on. More importantly, it gives us a chance to bust out our summer dresses.

Fast forward a week, and we’re back in cooler temps, with the odd sprinkle of rain (and biblical hail if you caught my insta stories this week).

Now, personally I don’t want to give up on my summer dresses just yet. I need the floral prints in my life and I’m not ready to reach to the back of my wardrobe for my jumpers. Cue layered looks like this one…

Heading to a date night in the city I needed to stay warm and also wanted to wear a summer dress, so I combined the two for this layered floral look.

For my take on summer layers, I went for black jeans to keep the look simple and not too fussy. Since the layers already add a deeper dimension to the look, I didn’t want to overdo it with a complicated colour palette. The rusty red floral print dress also gave me an excuse to pile on my fave red lippy.


The biker was a necessary evil to avoid the to the goosebump situation (if i’m totally honest I ended up nabbing my boyfriends mac as an extra layer by the end of the night as well to avoid frostbite).

On the accessories front I opted for an old red ZARA bag to pull out more red accents from the print for some extra zing. Heels were a must but I would certainly wear this look again with red trainers for a more casual look.

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week and that the sun comes back really soon! Lets be honest, we’re nicer humans when the sun shines…. no? just me then! 🙂










Work to Wine Bar 🍷

It’s spring (kinda) and that means less hibernation, and more G&T’s after work. Cue the ‘work to wine’ outfit.

A work to wine outfit can be a tricky affair. Too Worky can make you look like a boring toad and you might miss out on that hot guy noticing you in the bar. Too Winey (new word) and you run the risk of looking a tad inappropes with your bangers out in front of the boss.

There’s a fine line between smart and sexy, and you want to be teetering on that line (unless you work in healthcare like me, then you need to be firmly on the sedate side of things).

For my recent work to wine outfit, I paired leather-look trousers with a jumper and blazer for the work portion. Flats were a must to tone down the brashness of the PVC trousers (also so my feet weren’t broken at the end of the day and I could dance later).


The jumper kept things under wraps up top. I went for a camel tone to match with the white blazer as I felt it contrasted well against the black and introduced a third colour without detracting from the blazer itself.


As soon as the clock struck 5.30pm I was ready to change. I threw on my trusty leopard print stilettos and removed my jumper to reveal a jazzier lower cut top.


It wasn’t a full outfit change, so I couldn’t be accused of trying too hard, yet I felt much better swanning around with my Cab Sauv wearing my heels.


These KURT GEIGER leopard print stilettos offered a subtle print clash with my stripey blazer, they’re from several years ago but i’ve linked a similar style below. If you’re still getting to grips with Print Clashing check out my ‘How to’ post here.

This blazer is actually part of a co-ord set with shorts. I am craving some warmer weather so I can try out the full look, but until then I will just pair it with trousers and shiver my way around London.

I hope you have a fantastic week.