How to Style: Daisy Dukes

img_3360-1It’s a well known fact that us Brits are slightly obsessed with the weather. Talking about it, complaining about it, planning around it – you get the drift. Recently things have been on the up and we’ve been treated to some seriously tropical temps… so it’s only fair that the Daisy Dukes make their annual appearance.

Now shorts, and more specifically Daisy Dukes, can be a scary thing. Especially in London and big cities where people tend to dress a little more modestly in boiling hot weather. If you opt for these daringly short shorts, you could be open to some funny stares.

This is why I love to throw a sheer dress/jacket on top, and this ZARA number just fits the summer bill perfectly!!

img_3366It shows just enough skin to keep the outfit cool and summery but covers the back nicely so that you can opt for cheeky (quite literally) denim numbers.

The colour is frankly perfect for this time of year, the lighter tone really brings out the early Summer tan.

img_3347Here I styled it with a white top and tan accessories to keep things simple. The floral print is so pretty, and the splashes of pink really help to bring the whole look to life. Also I’m totally crushing on the combination of tan and denim, the colours work so well together. This is no accident – it’s simply down to the fact that blue and tan (orange) are opposites on the colour wheel, making them ideal outfit partners.

If you’d love to learn more about matching colours and why some combos just work, why not check out my previous blog How to: Mix and Match Colours.

I’m off to go and enjoy the sunshine some more, but as always I’ve linked some of the pieces from this post and dress alternatives below.

Have a good weekend guys!











How to: Print Clash


Print Clashing: it can be scary business!!! It can feel uncomfortable to the untrained eye, and if you get it all wrong you can wind up looking like a messy ‘Bag Lady’.

Having said all of that, if you get it right you can look like a total boss! I believe if you just follow a few simple rules you will look smart and well put-together. Below I’m going to talk you through them.


When I print clash I like to tie in colours which naturally work well together. For example, here I’ve gone for a cream and black striped trouser with black and camel leopard print shoes.


The colours all work well together, making the print clash more pleasing to the eye. The outfit therefore flows better and naturally looks well constructed.

As a rule of thumb, I tend to stick to four main colours for my print clash looks. The focal points of the outfit are the prints, so we want them to be the stars of the show.

In this look I used Tan, Camel, Black and White. In the blazer look above I’ve stuck to black, grey, white and blue (very hard to see, but the horizontal stripes on the t-shirt are actually dark blue). If you’re plumping for more than 4 colours the outfit will tend to look more messy and thrown together.


As I mentioned before, if you’re styling your clothes to incorporate a print clash then you want the printed pieces to do the talking. Try and keep the rest of the outfit grounded with a neutral bag or belt.


Likewise, if you’re print clashing with some leopard print shoes and stripey trousers keep the other garments in the look plain.

It’s about not over-egging the pudding, we’re not making an Eton Mess here!!

Introducing Neutral accessories will help to keep the whole look polished. A nice simple belt achieves this outcome and has the added effect of creating some separation between the two prints.

For the second look here I added a Navy suede bag to the two striped prints. As there is already Navy in the look it follows the first rule of sticking to one colour palette. You may notice the stripes in the trousers are much thicker than the stripes on the top, I think this helps to balance the outfit.


The key to pulling off any ‘out there’ look is to totally own it, and wear it with a big dollop of confidence. In this blazer outfit I have used stripes, check and polka dot print.


As long as you think the pieces through and wear the look with purpose, I promise you will nail it. I re-styled this belted blazer by tying it at the back. You can see how I tied it previously here.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up!!


I would suggest beginning with stripes on stripes as they’re hella easy to match. Polka dots and animal prints are a close second and third. Floral prints are for expert level clashers – handle these with care.



If you’re still not confident in your matching abilities, why not try the new ‘Ask the Stylist’ feature on the blog. All you have to do is send in a picture of your outfit and I’ll get straight back to you with hints and tips on how to make it shine.

Happy Clashing guys!








How to: Mix and Match Colours

When I was in high school, there was a girl in the town where I lived. People called her ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ because she was always wearing brightly coloured clothes.

Now I never spoke to her personally, but I always imagined that she was cheerful and bubbly and always fun at a party. That’s what colourful outfits do – they have the power to make people smile and add some cheer to your wardrobe.

Looking through my Instagram feed you’ll probably see I’m a big fan of adding bright, bold, colourful pieces into my looks. So many people steer clear of adding colour to their outfits because they are afraid to mix them incorrectly or look mis-matched.

Here I’m going to show you some examples of how I use colour in my wardrobe, and which colours work well together.


Okay, so it may be the colour scheme adopted by the LA Lakers, but it looks so pretty. The reason for this is really simple, and once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be drawn to bright colours like a moth to a flame!

Colours that are total opposites on the colour wheel are known as complimentary colours. These colours work together like a dream, even though the combination isn’t totally obvious to start with. Check out the colour wheel below and you’ll see what I mean. Yellow sits opposite from Purple.

In this outfit, the yellow and the purple are such big, bold colours that I didn’t want to distract from them. That’s why I stuck with black for the rest of the look.

The purples really highlight the yellow pigments. Even one of my fave brunch spots in London utilised this gorgeous colour combo – check out Alma Cafe if you ever find yourself in Barnes, the lobster benedict is delish.

img_3358 I kept things simple on the accessories front and just added some plain black sunnies. At the bottom of the post I will be linking some similar colourful pieces.



Again these colours rest opposite each other on the colour wheel making them complimentary to a T.

Here I added tan boots into the mix, which also work well with blue and turquoise colours. Because the blues in this outfit are soft denim tones, you can get away with being a bit bolder overall, and the tan boots also happen to be ridiculously comfy.

I sealed the look with a matching orange bag and some double denim. Navy also pairs well with orange for a chic look.


You might think this look is for the advanced level colour clasher, but it really doesn’t have to be!

Sitting next to each other on the colour wheel, the red and pink blend so well together. The technical term for this is an “analogous” colour match, but whatever it’s called, I just think red and pink are mega pleasing to the eye.

They are found together on many prints and I love how feminine this colour combination is. The shade of red is critical to pulling this whole look together – if it’s too orangey it won’t work. Stick with a scarlet red and you’ll be just fine!

I kept the base colour as black again and added a red beret/lip to anchor the look.


Don’t overdo it
I would suggest keeping to 3 (occasionally 4) as a maximum amount of colours in one look. The outfit needs to look interesting but well constructed, and too many different colours will make it look disorganised.

Black for the base
If you are trying a bold colour for the first time, then stick to black as a base to keep things simple. It goes with every combination and it is likely you already have lots of black pieces in your wardrobe. You can always change it up as you get more confident with matching your colours.

Accessorise (subtly)
Try not to go overboard with the accessories. Sunnies and jewellery should be classic pieces, simple and understated. The last thing you want to do is detract from your colour pops.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades. Certain colours suit your skin tone better so definitely try on the whole rainbow before you make your selection 🌈. And finally, don’t worry if a colour doesn’t quite work for you. I know a lot of girls who look fabulous in royal blue (shout out to Kate Middleton) but it does absolutely nothing for me.

Yellow is definitely my go-to colour though, it makes me feel like sunshine on a cloudy day. And until summer comes round once more, I guess that’ll have to do!

Love to you all, have a great week.

Hannah xoxox








How to Style: Scarves 🧣

It’s officially 2018! And…. it’s freezing folks. I’m a big believer in keeping my wardrobe interesting, but this can put a girl in spenny situations. January is officially the time of cutting back (you know, on booze, pretty things and fun), not a time for burning out your credit card.

Now, there are only so many coats a girl can buy before the guilt sinks in. That is why I LOVE keeping things spicy with a scarf. They are chic, interesting and such a simple, low-cost way to change up a look. Not just functional, they are a sure fire way to add some pizazz to otherwise boring looks.

If the January Blues are hitting you hard and you’ve vowed to cut back on your spending, I would advocate treating yourself to a little neck love and buying a scarf.

Below I have lined up a few of my current faves – most of which are on sale I might add!



This particular beauty is from TOPSHOP where their London flagship store is a mecca for all things accessories-ish (yes, that’s a word).

I LOVE the sheer vulgarity of it, there is literally no missing this puppy (how can you when you’re basically a walking highlighter)??

I’ve paired it so far with a grey coat and a biker jacket. I think it would work well with blue too, especially denim or cornflower blue. With the biker above I double wrapped the scarf to keep it that little bit shorter.



Another brilliant thing about scarves is they are unisex!!! This red beauty was acquired for an OOTD from my boyfriend’s wardrobe.


I love the red and camel combo so much, I’m sure this scarlet number will be a regular feature in my spring wardrobe too. Hopefully he won’t notice that it’s missing (or be reading this) 🙂

Red also looks fantastic with black or navy and a red lip or boot/shoes would complete the look if you were heading out for dinner or somewhere special.

This particular one is ZARA MAN but there are a billion red beauties in the shops right now. I’ve linked one currently on sale below.



And the addiction continues… I think eventually I’m gonna need a faux fur ban. But until that day comes, I’m going to continue smothering myself in faux fur and stroking it as I go.


This particular beauty is from TOPSHOP but I happened to spy an identical one in RESERVED the other day for a fraction of the price!!! (links below)

I love how it can be paired with a simple jean outfit or used to dress up OTK boots. In the above pics I added a belt to secure the look and keep everything in place. The reds and browns in the scarf really help the outfit pop. For extra style points you could add red or tan accessories to really tie the look together.




This tartan scarf is from MARKS AND SPENCER. The accents of red make it a cute addition to a navy/jean combo! Tartan is such a bold and timeless pattern, and it’s ideal for pulling together a look that might otherwise feel a bit too plain. Here I added a red bag to really draw out the red in the scarf (postbox optional).


I particularly like the weight of the scarf, its not chunky, so it can be loosely thrown on top of an outfit, and it won’t give you the dreaded scarf tat!! I find the pattern easy to incorporate into several looks and right now it is on mega sale you lucky ducks!!



There is something so chic about matching your accessories to your coat as I mentioned in my earlier blog Sunday Skating.

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to lighten up on the camel use in my wardrobe, but honestly it is just so wearable and chic. Add in a matchy-matchy scarf and I think you’re onto a winner.

This scarf was from ZARA but I have linked a similar version below.



Last but not least, how could I ever write a post about budget style without mentioning good old PRIMARK. They have some fantastic low cost options, usually for around the £6 mark like this ombre purple/red one.

I would highly suggest a quick trip to your local Primarni to add a splash of colour to your OOTD this time of year without breaking the bank.

I hope you’re all having a great start to the year!!!


How to Dress: For a cold day in New York

They say a bad day in New York is better than a good day anywhere else, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bed of roses out there. One of my favourite cities ever, but boy is it cold at this time of year!! During my recent trip to the Big Apple it was -6 C on at least a couple of days. I never actually realised what ‘wind chill’ meant until I was on Top of the Rock and it felt like -20 C.

Now, I know we all wanna look cute AF and for this reason thermals/ski gear aren’t always the one (unless actually skiing). But on the other hand, I’m so grouchy when I’m cold (and hungry – but that’s another matter).

Not only that, but city breaks require a lot of exploring and therefore somewhat flat shoes (borrrrinnnng). But still, why sacrifice your style when you’re in the place where Harry met Sally and people have affairs to remember.

So, here I’m going to show you some of the outfits I wore to keep toasty without resorting to outdoorsy regalia (again nothing wrong with that, just not the look I’m going for). It’s worth noting that these looks can be transferred to other winter hotspots. You know, Russia, Canada, Austria, Germany… actually maybe not Russia, I think you’d need legitimate ski gear there unless you wanted to dress like an actual bear.

LOOK ONE – Faux Fur over layers


This look was so toasty! Here I layered a leotard thermal, with a warm faux fur sleeve sweater on my top half. For the bottom I had thermal tights and thermal leggings which were honestly mega toasty.

To keep my legs extra warm I opted for an over-the-knee boot. These are so great for keeping the heat in your legs.


The hat came on later in the day when my ears were getting cold.







LOOK TWO – PVC leggings and layers


I must admit, I was nervous showing any skin in NY, even if it was just a millimetre of a bare ankle 😂🙈.

For this reason I opted to combine these leggings with two layers of thermals on top and a thick jumper to boot. I chose a mega long coat to try and keep the warmth in as much as possible. The beret came back out on this day too (mainly to hide my mane) but again, a valuable ear warmer too!

BUY THE LOOK River Island PVC LEGGINGS Similar MUSTARD JUMPER Similar BLACK COAT Amazon WOOL BERET Nike BLACK SNEAKERS Chloe MINI DREW BAG LOOK THREE – Skirt, Jacket and Coat I fancied wearing a skirt, and this particular day of my trip happened to be the warmest (and it was my birthday) so I was determined to pull this off whilst sight seeing and not freezing my heinie off!! ❄️

I wanted to combine a biker with my skirt, but it was just too cold to be in a short jacket, so I simply layered an oversized coat on top to keep my teeth from chattering!!!

H and M PATTERNED SKIRT Topshop BIKER JACKET Similar BLACK ROLL NECK Office BLACK ANKLE BOOTS Chloe MINI DREW BAG LOOK FOUR – Matching Caramelsphoto-17 On this day I must admit, I had three tops on and thermal tights under thermal leggings. But in my defence, it was -6C at midday and I was 850ft up in the air. I didn’t really think my eyeballs could ever feel cold, but I was wrong :).

img_4252BUY THE LOOK Zara CAMEL COAT Similar CAMEL COAT Topshop CAMEL BOBBLE HAT Similar OVER THE KNEE BOOTS Zac Posen CROSSBODY BAG ESSENTIAL UNDERLAYERS So perhaps not the sexiest undergarments, but if you wanna look cute from the outside, you’ve gotta layer yourself up like an onion. Below are my top thermal picks to keep your warm bits toasty. They all happen to be from MARKS AND SPENCER (the king of thermals as far as I’m concerned), but PRIMARK offer a cracking selection too!!

THERMAL POLO NECK THERMAL LEGGINGS THERMAL TIGHTS THERMAL SOCKS img_4280 Now it probably goes without saying that you need to be regularly fuelled with hot chocolates, mulled wine, and generally over-eat to distract yourself from the cold. Obviously, I’m not advocating this as a permanent lifestyle but it is Christmas after all!!

Thanks for reading!

Hope you all have a great week,


How to Style: Sneakers

Ten years ago, the only place you would have caught me in trainers was on a treadmill. I used to literally live in heels and I’m sure my previous colleagues can vouch for the unsuitable shoes I used to totter around in at work (I distinctly remember tripping over once).

Fast forward to now, and trainers (sneakers, pumps, tennis shoes, kicks – whatever you like to call them) are thankfully seen as stylish!!! They come in a snazzy array of colours which can actually add to the chicness of an outfit.

More importantly, they give my feet a much needed rest on days where I’m running around doing errands. I love that I can add my comfy trainers to my outfits and stay true to my style.

Below I am going to show you FIVE ways which I like to style my sneaks.

Look One – With Denim


Possibly the simplest of the looks, jeans are best friends for trainers, but in my opinion they HAVE to be skinny. Depending on the time of year, a coat or a denim jacket is a necessity.

This time of year I’m pairing my jeans with a big knit, but a t-shirt and a denim jacket would be my go-to if the temperature was a tad warmer.



Adidas Gazelles

Look Two – Pleated Skirt

This look is all about adding a splash of chic. It’s probably best worn with tights this time of the year if you’re braving anything like the current U.K temps.

I love how a long skirt can add an element of femininity to an otherwise androgynous look.

For extra interest you could use a metallic pleated skirt which were a dime a dozen last year (you may even already have one like me).

I have stuck to monochrome accessories so the outfit is not too busy, but I added a pop of red for a lil splash of colour.


Nike Roshe Trainers (similar not exact match)

Metallic Pleated Skirt

White Statement T

Black Faux Leather Jacket

Look Three – Matchy Matchy


Now, I’m sure if you follow my blog or insta you’ll see I’m a big fan of the matchy matchy situation. Whether it be bag with shoes or coat with shoes. I love it when you draw attention to some of the pieces you wear by matching them perfectly. It also keeps the outfit neat if you’re keeping the colours you introduce to a minimum (more on this soon).


The above Magenta Bag is an old DVF style and the trainers are Nike Free Runs, but i’ve linked some updated autumn colours below which will pop against any outfit.


Adidas Gazelles

Valentino Bag

Marroon Nike Free Runs

Cross Body Bag – Splurge

Cross Body Bag – Steal

Bobble Hat

Look Four – Statement Coat

I think you guys can probably tell from previous posts that I am a sucker for a big statement coat!!! Apart from the fact that they just happen to look fabulous, they also add a touch of je ne sais quoi to an otherwise boring outfit. You can literally throw any old boring stuff on underneath (I tend to favour black jeans and a black jumper – or grey if I’m feeling snazzy).

That aside, boy are they frikkin toasty!!!!

This particular pink beauty is on Missguided right now, but I’ve linked some of my other current faves below.


Pink Faux Fur – Steal

Powder Pink Faux Fur Coat – Mid Range

Cream Faux Fur Coat – Steal

Animal Print Coat – Mid Range

Faux Fur Coat – Splurge

Look Five – PVC leggings


If you read the blog last week on Sunday Strolling you already saw some PVC/Trainer action.

This is such a simple way to add something new into your weekly outfit and they look great with trainers! Lets face it, jeans are boring sometimes.


PVC Leggings

Bobble Hat

Cream Polo Neck Sweater

Splurge Bag – Valentino Rockstud Bag

Steal Bag – Nude Topshop Bag

Long Black Coat

Happy Weekend to everyone,


How to Style: Faux Fur

You’ve gotta love Faux Fur! It’s a cruelty-free, animal-friendly way to enjoy feeling all cosy and cute like a little kitten. But boy, can it be intimidating! It’s allllllll over the shops at the moment thanks to the geniuses at Max Mara, Miu Miu and the like. Get it right, and it can add some glamour and texture to an outfit. Get it wrong, and it could end up looking cheap, tacky or a bit too big bear-like (although I still kinda like the bear look – see below).

In this post, I’m going to show you five different ways to style Faux Fur into your #OOTDs. Just a pre-warning though, you may end up wanting to stroke yourself a little too much!!

Look One – Faux Fur Stole


These multicoloured stoles are a great way to add a splash of colour into an outfit and introduce faux fur into your wardrobe. We can thank the likes of the beautiful Olivia Palermo for kicking off the trend again this year when she wore a brightly coloured CHARLOTTE SIMONE stole during fashion week. 

I love this TOPSHOP one, it instantly jazzes up an all black outfit and is a perfect match for tan or red accessories, which as you probably already know I’m a tad obsessed with at the moment. The blue on the stole really stands out and keeps the look vibrant and interesting – it’s also one of my fave colours.

I styled this one over a black roll neck paired with a black skort. I added the belt to stop stole-slippage (yes that’s a real phrase) 🙂 This version is great because it can also be wrapped around your neck easily, but there are a billion out there to choose from. I would wear a plain coat (black or even tan if you have one) as I wouldn’t want to detract from these beautiful colours or make the outfit look too busy.


Multicoloured Stole

Bright Coloured Stole 

Look Two – Faux Fur Cuffs

These faux fur cuffs are adorable and such a cute way to incorporate a small amount of the good stuff into your outfit. A cuff or a collar is a gentle nod to the trend, especially for those of you who may be feeling a little shy around the fur situation.

There are oodles of options on the high street right now. The black coat is an old MISS SELFRIDGE number from about a decade ago, but I’ve linked the cream ‘coatigan’ below along with the bobble hat.


Coat with Faux Fur Cuffs

Bobble Hat
Faux Suede Skort

Look Three – A Faux Fur Gilet

Gilets are another popular way to incorporate the fuzzy stuff into an outfit. They are actually extremely cosy, as they are keeping your most sensitive bits warm. However, as they are not covering your arms, they are not adding the extra inches that faux fur coats and jackets do. I think it’s chic to add a belt to cinch in your waist to help keep the silhouette in proportion.

There are numerous options out there. I’ve linked some below for your perusal.


Black Faux Fur Gilet 

Budget Faux Fur Gilet 

White faux fur gilet

Look Four – Faux Fur Sleeves 

I posted this look a couple of weeks ago on the blog and I am still in love with it!!! 

There’s something so cool about big fluffy sleeves!! Sure, your older family members might make bear/chicken jokes when they see you. They may even look at you like you’re an alien that’s just landed, but you’ll be snuggly and that’s the main thing my friend 😉


Top with Faux Fur Sleeves 

Look Five – The Faux Fur Coat

Right, this final look is not for the faint hearted. It’s big, it’s in your face and it packs a punch. You may get confused for a Russian mafia WAG, or even worse, Kat Slater. But, my gosh will you be warm!!!! 

If you’re feeling a bit shy I suggest sticking to a neutral tone or a simple colour (ie: black or cream) 

I’ve worn this coat with trainers in the day for a more edgy shopping style or heels at night for the ‘wannabe VIP’ kind of look. This particular one was from PRETTY LITTLE THING last year in the sale however, I’ve linked some similar options below.

N.B Moody face optional 😉


Splurge Faux Fur Coat

Steal Faux Fur Coat


Black OTK Boots

I hope you’re having a fabulous week and as always I would love to hear your comments!

Until next time,

How to style Red Boots

Red, Crimson, Scarlet, it was all over the A/W runways this year. That’s probably one of the subconscious reasons why I became obsessed with trying to find the perfect red boot.

I wanted them to be striking, wearable and comfy. I also fancied something that was more likely to stand the test of time and easy to incorporate into my daily outfits (therefore less likely to end up nestled in the back of my wardrobe for eternity, sulking next my OTK tasseled cowboy boots).

It turns out I wasn’t short of choices as there are options out there for every budget (i’m talking Primark to Gucci) and quite frankly…. I would have worn them all!! But, after purchasing 3 different pairs and mulling over it/driving my boyfriend a little bit crazy, I fell in love with these modestly priced RIVER ISLAND beauties!! The heel was a bit lower and more manageable – ideal for running around the city. I also loved the deep colour which I thought would be a tad easier to match with potential #ootd’s.

Here I will show you SIX different looks I pulled together and outfits that you can pair with your red kicks. But, ultimately these styles could work with any red accessory (e.g. sexy courts or a red bag). Hopefully you already have a few of these pieces, so you’re not having to buy a whole new wardrobe to pair with your latest shoe obsession.

LOOK ONE – Layered up


I bought this playsuit a few nanoseconds before end of the summer and then realised I live in the U.K. and with no more sunny holidays planned feared this would be a one time wonder. However, late one night, whilst watching GBBO (epic baking programme where they make amazing cakes and layer sponges on-top of each other whilst people at home drool over them) it came to me. Layers, my friend. Layers. The one way to use your camisoles, strappy playsuits and slip dresses at the end of this thang we call summer, just when those golden leaves start to hit the floor. 🍂

I kept the base layers black as I didn’t want the outfit to be too fussy when paired with the bright boots.



LOOK TWO – Matchy jumper


Go big or go home. That’s how I feel sometimes. And if you’re gonna do red you might as well go for it. Think a big cuddly Elmo, but more edgy.

This snuggly jumper and off the shoulder style makes the whole look more casual. I would wear this to lunch with the girls or to a pub or dinner. The black denim skirt was kicking about my wardrobe, but the jumper would work nicely with the pleather skirt varieties out and about in the shops right now for a hot evening look.


Red TKmaxx Jumper

Black Denim Skirt

Pleather Skirt

LOOK THREE – Jumper and Jeans


This look is more casual and toned down, but I love how the red boots stand out against the colder blue and grey colours.

As this is more of a ‘safe’ option (or as safe as you can be with bright red boots beaming out at everyone). I would wear this to the shops, for coffee or just a casual day moseying around.

The super sleeve knit was from Mango some time ago, but there are billions of grey bell sleeve options around. I’ve linked an ASOS one below. The grey Prada (one of my pride and joys) was a Bicester Village bargain YEARS ago, but I’ve linked a similar style in case you’re feeling the matchy-matchy jumper-bag vibe like me.


Grey bell sleeve jumper

Grey Shopper Bag

LOOK FOUR – Metalic Maxi Skirt


This skirt was in my wardrobe from last year when metallic maxis were all the rage. I still like to spin it into an outfit every now and again. I love how it looks with this statement t-shirt and leather jacket. All the other pieces are old but similar items are linked.

The clutch is from ETUI London, which are stocked in TOPSHOP London’s flagship on Oxford Street. If you haven’t spent a day in that store I urge you to try and go as soon as possible. You will literally get lost in the clothes. Side note: don’t take any potential boyfriends or husbands, the store doesn’t seem to agree with them and I don’t want to be responsible for any divorces 🙂


Metallic Midi

Statement T

Biker Jacket

LOOK FIVE – Denim skirt


I love this colour combo, I kept it simple with the bag matching the skirt. It was nearly 20 degrees C (70ish F) today so perfect weather for an outfit like this (coat optional depending on geographical location). Personally, I would have loved a red coat paired with this look.

LOOK SIX – All Black


This final look is the simplest, and more understated due to the lack of colour. Obviously you could swap the jeans for a skirt, or the whole thing for a loose black jumper dress. After all, they do say, woman who wear black lead colourful lives!!! 😉

What do you think guys, are you tempted to paint the town red??

Comment below 🙂

How to style Over the Knee Boots

So….. it’s that time of year again, and over the knee boots are enjoying another autumn in the limelight.

This post will show you a couple of ways to style these babies.

OTK or ‘thigh high’ boots have been kicking around for a few autumn/winters now, but the style is still going strong. It’s a sure way to make a statement and jazz up your knitwear, as well as keeping your legs warm. Having said all of that, they need to be handled with care.

Below are some ways to wear the heeled varieties whilst keeping the look on the right side of sexy (think avoiding Vivian-esque style from Pretty Woman).

Look One – with Leather-look Jeans


This look can be worn day or night, depending on the occasison. Here I’ve paired these leather-look jeans from ZARA with the boots and a flared sleeve jumper from MARKS AND SPENCER.

Flared sleeve jumper

Zara leather-look jeans

Carvela over the knee boots

Look Two – with a Chunky Knit Jumper Dress


Chunky jumper dresses are perfect for those cosy autumn days and so easy to pull together. The loose fitting style helps to keep the outfit casual enough for daytime without being too revealing. As these are heeled OTK boots a tight fitting jumper might be a bit too much for daytime, but if they were flat OTK boots it could work.

This particular jumper is a few years old, but there are millions kicking about in the shops right now.


Look Three – paired with skirt and roll neck


I love pairing thigh high boots with a short skirt and a roll neck, I think the high neck helps to keep the outfit sophisticated. The long coats make the look more elegant.


Look Four – with a Sleeveless Jacket


A long sleeveless jacket is a perfect item to match with statement boots. The sleeveless jacket seems to balance the look and is perfect with the chilly Autumn weather in the UK.


How do you style your OTKs?? Leave a comment (link at the top) 🙂