How to style Red Boots

Red, Crimson, Scarlet, it was all over the A/W runways this year. That’s probably one of the subconscious reasons why I became obsessed with trying to find the perfect red boot.

I wanted them to be striking, wearable and comfy. I also fancied something that was more likely to stand the test of time and easy to incorporate into my daily outfits (therefore less likely to end up nestled in the back of my wardrobe for eternity, sulking next my OTK tasseled cowboy boots).

It turns out I wasn’t short of choices as there are options out there for every budget (i’m talking Primark to Gucci) and quite frankly…. I would have worn them all!! But, after purchasing 3 different pairs and mulling over it/driving my boyfriend a little bit crazy, I fell in love with these modestly priced RIVER ISLAND beauties!! The heel was a bit lower and more manageable – ideal for running around the city. I also loved the deep colour which I thought would be a tad easier to match with potential #ootd’s.

Here I will show you SIX different looks I pulled together and outfits that you can pair with your red kicks. But, ultimately these styles could work with any red accessory (e.g. sexy courts or a red bag). Hopefully you already have a few of these pieces, so you’re not having to buy a whole new wardrobe to pair with your latest shoe obsession.

LOOK ONE – Layered up


I bought this playsuit a few nanoseconds before end of the summer and then realised I live in the U.K. and with no more sunny holidays planned feared this would be a one time wonder. However, late one night, whilst watching GBBO (epic baking programme where they make amazing cakes and layer sponges on-top of each other whilst people at home drool over them) it came to me. Layers, my friend. Layers. The one way to use your camisoles, strappy playsuits and slip dresses at the end of this thang we call summer, just when those golden leaves start to hit the floor. 🍂

I kept the base layers black as I didn’t want the outfit to be too fussy when paired with the bright boots.



LOOK TWO – Matchy jumper


Go big or go home. That’s how I feel sometimes. And if you’re gonna do red you might as well go for it. Think a big cuddly Elmo, but more edgy.

This snuggly jumper and off the shoulder style makes the whole look more casual. I would wear this to lunch with the girls or to a pub or dinner. The black denim skirt was kicking about my wardrobe, but the jumper would work nicely with the pleather skirt varieties out and about in the shops right now for a hot evening look.


Red TKmaxx Jumper

Black Denim Skirt

Pleather Skirt

LOOK THREE – Jumper and Jeans


This look is more casual and toned down, but I love how the red boots stand out against the colder blue and grey colours.

As this is more of a ‘safe’ option (or as safe as you can be with bright red boots beaming out at everyone). I would wear this to the shops, for coffee or just a casual day moseying around.

The super sleeve knit was from Mango some time ago, but there are billions of grey bell sleeve options around. I’ve linked an ASOS one below. The grey Prada (one of my pride and joys) was a Bicester Village bargain YEARS ago, but I’ve linked a similar style in case you’re feeling the matchy-matchy jumper-bag vibe like me.


Grey bell sleeve jumper

Grey Shopper Bag

LOOK FOUR – Metalic Maxi Skirt


This skirt was in my wardrobe from last year when metallic maxis were all the rage. I still like to spin it into an outfit every now and again. I love how it looks with this statement t-shirt and leather jacket. All the other pieces are old but similar items are linked.

The clutch is from ETUI London, which are stocked in TOPSHOP London’s flagship on Oxford Street. If you haven’t spent a day in that store I urge you to try and go as soon as possible. You will literally get lost in the clothes. Side note: don’t take any potential boyfriends or husbands, the store doesn’t seem to agree with them and I don’t want to be responsible for any divorces 🙂


Metallic Midi

Statement T

Biker Jacket

LOOK FIVE – Denim skirt


I love this colour combo, I kept it simple with the bag matching the skirt. It was nearly 20 degrees C (70ish F) today so perfect weather for an outfit like this (coat optional depending on geographical location). Personally, I would have loved a red coat paired with this look.

LOOK SIX – All Black


This final look is the simplest, and more understated due to the lack of colour. Obviously you could swap the jeans for a skirt, or the whole thing for a loose black jumper dress. After all, they do say, woman who wear black lead colourful lives!!! 😉

What do you think guys, are you tempted to paint the town red??

Comment below 🙂

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